The Williams Writing Center provides programming that informs, enriches, and extends the experience of writing for Williams College students. Through oversight of the student Writing Workshop and consultations with faculty and departments, our goal is to promote and support writing as a purposeful and organic extension of intellectual life at the the college.

Students seeking peer tutoring should use TutorTrac to see Writing Workshop hours and to make an appointment. As of April 8, 2020 (and in response to Covid-19) all peer tutoring will take place online, through Google Meet. For those unfamiliar with TutorTrac, please find step-by-step directions here.

  • To make an appointment ahead of time, please use TutorTrac as you normally would. When you make an appointment, you will receive an email with a link to Google Meet, and at the appointed time you and the tutor will both join the conversation.  This video will help you learn more about Google Meet if you need assistance.
  • To drop in, go into TutorTrac to see if anyone is working at that time.
    • Click on the link under the tutor’s name, and if Google Meet says there is only one person in the “Hangout,” then the tutor is available for you.
    • If it says there are two people in the Hangout, then someone has already dropped-in ahead of you, or already had an appointment, and you can’t join the room.
      • You are welcome to wait until the student leaves the Hangout and the tutor is available again. As long as there is enough time remaining in their shift, they will be able to work with you.
  • Writing Workshop sessions will require you to share your paper or essay with the tutor using Google Docs. During the session, the tutor will use the “suggesting” mode to help you with your work.
  • After the session, remove the tutor from your “share” list, so that the paper is only visible to you again.
  • You are welcome to share your document with the tutor ahead of time, but tutors will not review the paper until the session begins.

NOTE: All appointment times are listed in TutorTrac in EST, but Google Meet may change the time of your appointment based on your location. Make sure to log in at the right time.