Writing Workshop Tutors

Aria M. ’21 (she, her, hers) is a geosciences major and a global studies (Russia/Eurasia) concentrator. She writes “Hi all! I really enjoy helping with essays involving Comparative Literature/English, History, Russian, and of course…Geoscience! As an EphVenture leader I really enjoy engaging with first year students in any intro course to improve their writing skills.”


Arselyne C. ’21 (she, her, hers) majors in American Studies and minors in Africana Studies. She loves reading and learning about diverse, contemporary literature (i.e. fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction), and she also enjoys creative writing.


Ava O. ’22 (she, her, hers) majors in English and concentrates in Africana Studies and Public Health. She also enjoys creative writing and has experience working with ESL writers.


Ben W. ’22 (he, him, his) studies English and History.


Benny W. ’22 (he, him, his) studies physics, studio art, and philosophy.


Bret H. ’21 (they, them, theirs) majors in English and concentrates in Africana Studies. They also have experience working with creative writing, mainly prose.


Clara L. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies computer science and English.


Clare R. ’21.5 (she, her, hers) majors in history and concentrates in public health. She also has experience with justice and law and environmental studies. She especially enjoys helping plan and organize papers.


Claudia R. ’21 (she, her, hers) is a comparative literature major pursuing a concentration in neuroscience who has taken science courses as a pre-med student. She is also a native Spanish speaker and has experience with ESL writers. She views writing as a process and will try to meet students at whatever stage they find themselves in.


Daniel K. ’23 (he, his, him) studies political science and Chinese.


Darin L. ’21 (he, him, his) studies math and history.


Delsa L. ’21 (she, her, hers) double majors in English and Japanese. She specializes in brainstorming, essays, creative writing, and helping ESL (English as a Second Language)/ ELL (English Language Learning) students.


Eleonora G. ’23 (she, her, hers) is interested in English, history, and political science.


Elisar E. ’21 (she, her, hers) majors in political science and concentrates in international relations. She writes, “Although I specialize in political science, I have some experience in gender theories and topics as well.”


Emma M. ’23 (she, her, hers) studies English and history.


Erin C. ’21 (she, her, hers) studies biology, biochemistry, and English.


Francesca D’Arista ’21 (they, them, their) is a Comparative Literature major, a Latinx/@ Studies concentrator, and an Africana Studies concentrator. They speak Spanish and Italian, and specialize in helping students writing for Div I or Div II classes.


Gabriela K. ’23 (she, her, hers) majors in psychology and English. She has experience working with ESL writers, too.


Georgia M. ’22 (they, she) is a junior who studies biology.


Hannah S. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies English, Russian, and WGSS. She also has experience with anthropology and sociology. [returning Fall ’21]


Irene L. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies history.


Juan P. ’21 (he, him, his) majors in Biology but has ample experience in English and Comp Lit writing.


Kara H. ‘22.5 (she, her, hers) majors in History and Theatre. She has experience in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, playwriting, and poetry.


Katie H. ’21 (she, her, hers) majors in English and Spanish.


Margot B. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies political science, economics, leadership studies, and history.


Rebecca C. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies political science and has experience in English and religion.


Rebecca T. ’21 (she, her, hers) studies history, English, and Jewish studies.


Reid K. ’22 (he, him, his) studies philosophy and comparative literature.


Sam W. ’21 (he, him, his) studies political science, economics, and statistics.


Seungmin P. ’21 (he, him, his) studies studies economics and philosophy.


Sophie M. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies math and also likes English, political science, economics, and computer science. She writes, “I have a lot of experience helping people plan/organize/structure their writing.”


Surabhi I. ’21 (she, her, hers) majors in biology and concentrates in public health. She is also very interested in comparative literature and political science.


Thomas E. ’21 (he, him, his) studies art history but also enjoys English and psychology.


Will A. ’21 (he, his, him) studies history and classics.


William R. ’21 (he, him, his) majors in philosophy, but is also interested in English, history, and music. He says “writing is awesome because it’s an expression of one’s thoughts and their identity. As a tutor, I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know others through how they choose to express themselves.”