Writing Workshop Tutors

Ana G. ’22 (she, her, hers) is a political science major with a concentration in gender, race, and power. She has also taken many courses in philosophy and political theory. 

Annika H. ’23 (she, her, hers) majors in history and environmental studies. She has also taken numerous English and music courses and is semi-fluent in Spanish. As a writer and a tutor, Annika enjoys the paper-outlining process and would love to help organize ideas and paragraphs.


Asher G. ’24 (he, him, his) is a prospective history major but has experience in other humanities and social science subjects as well. As a writer and tutor, he focuses on structuring outlines and revising drafts to maximize both clarity and the student’s voice.


Ava O. ’22 (she, her, hers) majors in English and concentrates in Africana studies and public health. She also enjoys creative writing. As a tutor, she has experience working with ESL writers, and loves brainstorming, organizing, and encouraging confidence in the writing process.

Ben W. ’22 (he, him, his) is an English and history double major from New York City. He has experience tutoring in any and every subject that involves writing, and he likes helping students think through and develop stronger arguments in their papers.

Benny W. ’22 (he, him, his) studies physics, studio art, and philosophy.

Brady C. ’24 (he, him, his) is a prospective philosophy and American studies double major with a certificate in German. He is a native Spanish speaker and specializes in helping students revise and clarify their essays regardless of the department.


Cameron P. ’23 (he, him, his) is an English and American studies major and an Africana studies concentrator from Port Saint Lucie, Fla. He enjoys reading (and occasionally writing) poetry, as well as listening to music. As a tutor, he specializes in English and comparative literature writing.


Charles Y. ’24 (he, him, his) is interested in studying physics and English. He also has experience working with ESL students and teaching writing to secondary school social studies and history students.


Daniel C.E. K. ’23 (he, him, his) is a political science and Chinese major, and has experience with English papers and creative writing. He writes, “I’m from Malaysia, and have often worked with ESL writers. As a tutor, I’d say I’m best at helping organize scattered thoughts and structuring/re-structuring papers.”


Darin L. ‘21.5 (he, him, his) is a math and history major. He likes to help writers take ownership of their arguments, and he believes that (most) writing benefits from dedicated revision.


Eleonora G. ’23 (she, her, hers) studies English, history, and political science. (Ele is studying abroad for her junior year and will return to the Workshop in the 22-23 academic year.)


Elias A. C. ‘24 (he, him, his) is a prospective history and political science double major with interests across the social sciences and humanities. As a tutor, he enjoys all aspects of the writing process from organizing arguments to revising for concision, with a special love for finding and developing voice.

Emily K. ’23 (she, her, hers) studies history, architecture, and art history. As a former volunteer for Matriculate and the Baltimore Mentorship Program, she has experience helping students draft, write, and revise essays. She enjoys helping people transform their ideas into an organized outline–and then into a finished paper. (Emily will join the tutoring staff in the Spring of ’22.)

Emma M. ’23 (she, her, hers) double majors in English and history. She writes, “I enjoy working with all students, especially new writers, first-year students, and students coming to the Workshop for the first time.”


Eve E. ’22 (she, her, hers) majors in art history and comparative literature. She enjoys studying theory and philosophy, but says she holds an equal love for contemporary fiction and creative writing. Her writing process emphasizes editing and she likes to help students outline and organize papers.

Gabriela K. ’23 (she, her, hers) majors in psychology and English. She has experience working with ESL writers, too.


Georgia M. ’22 (they, she) is a bio major and is pre-med. She also has experience writing for sociology and philosophy. As a tutor, she enjoys helping to turn ideas into a structured writing plan.

Hannah S. ’22 (she, her, hers) majors in English, WGSS, and Russian. She also has experience in the social sciences and loves working on history papers. She writes, “My specialty is Russian & Soviet history, but I love learning new things from my students! My goal is to always foster an environment that creates effective learning and builds students’ confidence as writers.”


Hikaru W. H. ’24 (he, him, his) studies history, geoscience, and economics and has experience in political science. As a writer, he enjoys editing his rough drafts and working to refine organization, flow, and argumentation.

Homer W. ’23 (he, him, his) majors in English and political science. He recognizes that the way people approach writing varies significantly, and enjoys helping others figure out what works best for them.

Irene L. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies history and also has plenty of experience with writing for literature classes. She likes helping with all aspects of the writing process, but she especially enjoys working with students to structure essays. (Irene is working as a Writing TA this fall and will return to tutoring in the spring semester.)


Isabel W. ’24 (she, her, hers) studies English and sociology. As a tutor, she enjoys brainstorming and outlining papers. She also loves working with creative writers.


Kara H. ‘22.5 (she, her, hers) majors in history and theatre. She has experience in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, playwriting, and poetry.


Lucy G. ‘23 (she, her, hers) double majors in English and psychology. As a former pre-med student, she also has experience with writing in chemistry and biology courses. As a writing tutor, she most enjoys helping students revise and find their own, unique writing process.


Margot B. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies political science, economics, leadership studies, and history. She enjoys helping students brainstorm and structure their arguments as well as streamline their papers.


Margaux K. ‘23.5 (she, her, hers) is an English and psychology double major with a concentration in public health. She loves helping students develop effective writing skills and build confidence in their work.


Mirabai D. ’24 (she, her, hers) is a prospective English and/or environmental studies major. She loves creative writing and helping students brainstorm and develop new ways to express their ideas. (Mirabai will join the tutoring staff in the Spring of ’22.)


Nigel J. ’22 (he, him, his) studies psychology and sociology. He particularly enjoys helping students organize papers and write clearly, especially for classes in Div II and Div III.

Paige B. ‘24 (she, her, hers) studies English and history, with a particular interest in early modern and Victorian topics. She also has experience in economics, cover letter writing, and music. She is eager to help other students plan, develop, and organize arguments that excite them.


Patrick I. ’23 (he, him, his) is a political science and economics double major. He is also interested in technology, literature, and science. He has worked with ESL students and enjoys fostering a welcoming environment where others are able to find their writing voice and gain confidence. (Patrick will join the tutoring staff in the Spring of ’22.)


Rebecca C. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies political science and has experience in English and religion. (Rebecca is working as a TA this fall and will return to tutoring in the spring semester.)


Reid K. ’22 (he, him, his) majors in philosophy and comparative literature, but has interests in, religious studies, political theory, and sociology/anthropology as well. As a tutor, he enjoys brainstorming with students, talking through arguments, and working on clarity and organization.


Riley Y. ’23 (she, her, hers) is an art history & practice and philosophy double major. She enjoys helping students plan out papers and work on cohesive structure and flow in essays.


Shreyas R. ’22 (he, him, his), studies chemistry and English and is also pre-med with lots of experience in biology. He writes, “I have experience working with English as an additional language learners and am especially happy to help CDE students, as well.”


Sophie M. ’22 (she, her, hers) studies math and also likes English, political science, economics, and computer science. She writes, “I have a lot of experience helping people plan/organize/structure their writing.”


Stephanie G. ’23 (she, her, hers) studies political economy and English. As a tutor, she enjoys helping students craft creative and effective arguments at every step of the writing process, from brainstorming to the final revision.


Stephanie T. ’23 (she, her, hers) majors in psychology and political science, but she has also done her fair share of scientific writing as a pre-med student with a concentration in neuroscience. She is a native Mandarin speaker and has worked with many ESL writers. As a tutor, she enjoys brainstorming with writers, organizing the structure and flow of papers, and talking through stylistic choices.


Vanessa O. ’22 is majoring in Economics with a concentration in Public Health. She enjoys helping with the brainstorming and structuring process as well as finalizing drafts to build towards clarity and flow. She loves discussing Economics and Public Health papers as well as reports in Chemistry and Biology. (Vanessa is working as a TA this fall and will return to tutoring in the spring semester.)

Weiwei L. ’23 (she, her, hers) majors in sociology and comparative literature, and has experience in history, political science, and WGSS. She is a native Mandarin speaker and used to be an ESL writer herself. She loves learning about fellow students’ areas of expertise, and loves to help with brainstorming and paper organization.


Wilson L. ’22 (he, him, his) is an English and anthropology major who has often ventured into art history and the natural sciences along his academic path. Hailing from Hong Kong, he has worked with many ESL students and has been tutoring since high school. He is especially experienced in helping students conceptualize, structure, and/or proofread written work.


Yuchan K. ’24 (he, him, his) plans to major in art history and statistics. He is a native Korean speaker and has experience working with many ESL writers across different skill levels. Yuchan enjoys helping to plan papers, tossing around ideas and discussing different ways to approach any given topic.