How to Make an Appointment

TutorTrac Directions

TutorTrac is a web-based system that manages appointments with peer tutors at Williams. You can use the system to schedule appointments ahead of time (in either of our locations and online) as well as to drop in to online tutoring when available. Drop in directions are at the bottom of this page.

Here’s how to make an appointment:
1. Go to and log in with your unix and email password.
2. In the left side panel box, click on Search Availabilities.

You will be taken to the Search Availabilities page

3. From the center drop-down, choose Tutoring at Williams.

4. From the section menu, choose the Writing Workshop.

5. Enter the date range you would like to search.

6. Select the time range you would like search by dragging the handles. To find the maximum number of availabilities, use as large a range as possible.

7. Select the days you would like to make an appointment (days highlighted in green are selected).

8. Hit Search. A calendar will appear, showing times a tutor is available. Click on an appointment time to make an appointment.

You will receive an email from TutorTrac confirming your appointment. The email will include the location (Sawyer or Schow). If you’ve chosen online tutoring, you will receive a link to a Google Meet session; at the appointed time, click on the link to connect with your tutor.


To drop in, in person:

Stop by either of our locations. If there is only one person in the room, the tutor is available. Knock or just walk on in. If the tutor is working with someone already, feel free to wait, or come back another time. Those with appointments have priority over drop-ins.

To drop in online:

Follow the same steps as above in TutorTrac, but search the current hour. If anyone is tutoring online, you will be able to click on the link under the tutor’s name to access their Google Meet “room.”

  • If Google Meet says there is only one person in the “room,” then the tutor is available for a drop-in appointment.
  • If it says there are two people in the “room,” then someone has already dropped-in or scheduled an appointment, and please do not join the room.