Writing Workshop Resources

This list of references is provided for the convenience of students and in no way suggests a sanctioning of these sites by the college. Resources should not be misused. Any student in doubt about how to use one of these resources should check with her or his professor or with a reference librarian.

General Writing Resources

Dictionaries and Grammar Guides

(* This site is best used as a foreign-language dictionary and as a resource for translating material in a language the student doesn’t, or barely, knows. Users are advised that using the translation capacities of this site for a foreign-language course is highly unadvisable, could be seen as an honor-code violation, and should never be initiated without the permission of the instructor in that class.)

Citation Guides

Literature on the Internet

If there are online writing resources you’d like to recommend or subjects/topics you’d like us to include on this page, please email [email protected].