Writing TA Program

The Office of Writing Programs offers supplemental training in writing support for TAs selected by faculty across the disciplines. This option for TA training will be particularly significant to those who teach writing-intensive courses, but it is available to faculty teaching any course that requires significant writing content. This program allows faculty maximum flexibility in selecting and directing TAs who support the writing efforts of students in their classes.

Interested faculty should requests TAs following the standard procedure outlined in the Faculty Handbook. Details are available at http://dean-faculty.williams.edu/resources/teaching-assistant-hiring-guidelines/. Please note that TAs are funded by the Office of the Dean of Faculty.

At the faculty member’s request, TAs will are invited to set up supplemental training in writing support offered through the Office of Writing Programs; subjects to be covered in supplemental training may include Conducting Student Conferences, Basic Grammar, Rules of Effective Writing Style, Effective Essay Structure, Argument, Standards of Research, and Elements of Revision. (Other topics for training may be arranged upon faculty request.)